PC12A 22mm Silicone/Silicone/Viton

Conical Spring Seal Silicone/Silicone/Viton (22mm x 37mm Cavity) Uniten3 T04D

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For plain shafts 
• Metric size shafts, seat comply with DIN housing

• Conical spring dependent on direction of rotation    
• Unbalanced    
• Ceramic rotary and carbon seat as standard 


Shaft protection over the entire seal length
• Protection of the seal face during installation due to special bellows design 
• Insensitive to shaft deflections due to large axial movement ability 

• Universal application opportunities 
• Important material certifications available 
• High flexibility due to wide offer on materials 
• Suitable for low-end sterile applications 
• Special design for hot water pumps available 
• Dimension adaptation and additional seats available

Recommended Applications

• Water and waste water technology                                                            • Food and beverage industry
• Pulp and paper industry                                                                             • Chemical industry
• Water, waste water, slurries (up to 5 % by weight)                                     • Pulp (up to 4 % otro)
• Latex                                                                                                          • Dairies, beverages
• Sulphide slurries                                                                                           • Chemicals
• Oils                                                                                                             • Chemical standard pumps
• Helical screw pumps                                                                                   • Stock pumps
• Circulating pumps                                                                                       • Submersible pumps
• Water and waste water pumps                                                                  • Oil applications  


-20oC to 150oC










pdf Data Sheet PC12A (UnitenT04D) Mechanical Seal (274 KB)


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