Type 21 - 28mm

Brand: MSS
Product Code: MSD-PB10-28/L02BV1PGG
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Carbon v Ceramic/Nitrile

The Type 21 is ideal for use in centrifugal, rotary and turbine pumps, compressors, chillers and other rotary shaft equipment.

It is also commonly used by the waste-water and water systems industries for applications such as waste treatment, potable water and HVAC.


  • The drive band's "dent and groove" design eliminates over-stressing of the elastomer bellows to prevent bellows slip and protect the shaft and sleeve from wear.
  • Non-clogging, single-coil spring provides greater dependability than multiple spring designs and will not foul due to fluid contact.
  • Flexible elastomer bellows automatically compensates for abnormal shaft-end play, run-out, primary ring wear and equipment tolerances.
  •            Self-aligning unit automatically adjusts for shaft end play and run-out.
  •            Eliminates potential shaft fretting damage between the seal and shaft.
  •            Positive mechanical drive protects the elastomer bellows from over-stressing.
  •           Single coil spring improves tolerance to clogging.
  •           Simple to fit and completely field repairable.
  •           Can be used with practically any type of mating ring.

Applications: Clean Water, Sewage, Oil and other weakly corrosive fluids. Pumps & Agitators.

Temp: -20°c/+120°c

Pressure: <1.0MPa

Speed: 15m/sec.

Equivalent: AESSEAL P03, John Crane T21 

pdf Data Sheet T21 Mechanical Seal (metric sizes) (287 KB)

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